North-West: Massive Arrest of Denizens With No ID In Bamenda

A mixed control comprising Army, Police and Gendarmes have arrested dozens of youths without Identity cards in some neighborhoods in Bamenda at the weekend.

The massive arrest began early Saturday March 18, 2017 when security forces blocked major roads leading to travelers, New Church Azire and Metta Quarters. They demanded everyone passing by to present his or her identity card or be arrested.

Several Motor Bike riders who did not move along with their Identity Cards were simply apprehended.


No single Motor Bike riders could cross the line without being interrogated by security forces.

They also moved from house to house, compound to compound and neighborhood to neighborhood asking those asking several questions to those they find on their way.

As a result several persons preferred to stay at home than go out and be arrested.

Mobile phones were also been checked by the security forces without telling the owners why the operation but observers hold that these areas have been noted for its resistance in the crisis ongoing in the two English speaking regions and that an area like Metta Quarters is always ready to resist violence by security especially last January 13, 2017 when sounds of locally made guns were heard in the area as security shot four persons on their legs when dialogue between Government and trade Union leaders lasted late in the night.


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