Goodluck Jonathan Accuses UN Of Not Handling Anglophone Crises & Condemns Biya’s Actions

The former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, has in very clear words, condemned the United Nations for being incapable of ensuring world peace and security, especially in West Africa.

He was speaking in Greece during the 15th anniversary of the dialogue of civilization at Rhodes under the theme “Multi-polarity and Dialogue in Regional and Global Development: Imagining Possible Future”

Former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan

The former Nigerian President said peace in the world can only be achieved via constructive dialogue and the UN must ensure that it keeps the flag of peace flying up high by respecting it principles.

He criticizes the UN for failing to put an end in the Syrian conflict, Iraq, East Asia and in other African nations like Cameroon recently. He said the failure of UN to resolve these crises is evident that the world body has failed in resolving conflict.

According to Goodluck Jonathan, UN has to be reformed so as to solve modern day crisis especially crisis in West African countries like Cameroon, Togo etc. He added that if regional bodies like ECOWAS, AU, are empowered it will help the UN in maintaining peace and security.

During the meeting the democratic leader lamented on the way at which African heads of states treats their citizens when it comes to implementing democracy.

The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon is one of the many crises that is like a litmus test to the world governing body UN, that has only been out to condemn than to take action.

The Carnage of Anglophones on the 1st of October 2017 is something that the UN has to take action than condemning for the UN has been quiet and negligence as genocide is ongoing in Anglophone Cameroon.
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By Bassona Nkeng
SC Blogger, Lebialem County .

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