Tuesday, July 16, 2019

7 reasons why hotel sex can be very exciting

If you thought that having sex in a hotel room is much more exciting than making out at home, you are not wrong.

Gone are the days when having sex in the hotel was something only secret lovers would resort to.
Sex in a hotel room or even on vacation is a great way to break free from the monotony of regular life. It can be a good option for married couples to explore new experiences beyond the walls of their bedroom and make their love life exciting.

Even according to experts, nothing can make a person’s sex life more exciting than a change of scene and what could be better than a hotel room?
Let’s look at a few reasons why hotel sex is so much better.

Breaks the monotony

Nothing damages sex life more than monotony and hence experts suggest to try something new whenever people feel their sex life lacks lustre. In this case, having sex in a hotel room can help couples to overcome the boredom of regular sex life.

Open to trying new things
When people have sex repeatedly at regular places like their bedroom, they get used to doing things in a certain way. But a new place encourages couples to try new things and the same holds true in this case. While having sex in a hotel room, the couples are inspired to get adventurous and try new positions, which would definitely make their lovemaking session an exciting affair.

Free from responsibilities
Whether people might agree to it or not, home represents responsibilities and having sex under such an atmosphere is definitely more taxing than making love in a place where people don’t feel the burden of responsibilities. A hotel room is such a place where one need not worry about their household responsibilities and concentrate on only one thing—making love to their partner.

No stress
According to experts, stress can have an adverse effect on a person’s libido. Thankfully, people have the luxury to have sex in a stress-free environment when they are in a hotel and this helps them to enjoy the act more.

It’s a reminder of the initial days of a relationship
According to a study published in the Psychology Today, having sex in a hotel brings back the memories of lovemaking sessions when a couple is at the beginning of a new relationship because not everyone makes love at their home when they are in the initial days of their relationship. This brings back the memories of those exciting days and this helps the couple to take a new interest in sex.

Forbidden can be exciting
According to experts, sometimes a little amount of guilty feeling can make the experience of having sex very exciting. For those who are filled with guilt for having sex in a place outside the four walls of their bedroom, having sex in a hotel room can be an exciting experience.

Sex is more enjoyable when relaxed
There is no denying the fact that sex is more enjoyed in a relaxed mood and what could be more relaxing than a well-scented and romantically arranged hotel room? When anything that is needed can be ordered and delivered to the room, a couple can concentrate on only one thing—making each other happy between the sheets.

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