Ambazonia restoration forces seize second BIR Hilux in less than 24hours

Alafnet.com has been informed of  a second seizure of another hilux belonging to the Cameroon military elite ,the rapid intervention battalion (BIR) in Manyu.The seiesure this evening around Eyumojock which is the second  by the
Ambazonia restoration forces (that is SOCADEF AND ADF) in less than 24hours has send shock wave to the la Republic military hierarchy.
We can not independently confirm killings on the Cameroon army but our source insist the restoration forces are on track .

In related news to this publication   earlier this morning,  Ambazonia Defense Forces attack and sink BIR boat off the Eyumojock Agborkem German River Yesterday .
Asked whether the news by French newspapers that the ADF commander in chief Ayaba Cho has been arrested by forces from Francophone Cameroon, our source said their leader is okay and is always present in the situation room with his top advicers before and after any mission.Alafnet.com also gathered Dr. CHO will make a statement on touching  issues about the match of the people of the Federal Republic  of  Ambazonia to Buea in the days ahead.

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