Monday, July 22, 2019

Ambazonie: Paul Abine on the side of the secessionists against Kah Walla

Edith Kah Walla claimed that the separatists were wrong to take up arms because this strategy has plunged the population into extreme suffering. For the president of the CPP, we can not fight the Cameroonian government with the method of arms.

This followed his previous outing to the United States last weekend, which was not well received by separatist leaders. The latter having treated him as traitress.

Ayah Paul Abine joined the secessionists’ camp, evoking the series of demonstrations, like that of September 22, 2017, where, according to him, the population was allegedly attacked by the army.

For Paul Ayah Abine, if the separatist fighters took up arms today, this is due to the violence of the government through the security and defense forces.


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