Monday, August 26, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: The governments of Cameroon has lost control of Anglophone regions – SDF

The governments of Cameroon has lost control of the situation in the North West and South West regions and only a broad-based dialogue can bring the situation baack to normal, the Social Democratic Front has said.
In a statement released by the first vice President of the party Honourable Joshua Osih, the party accuses the government of giving an impression of being in control of the situation but say they had since lost it.
“…contrary to government propaganga, the North West and South West regions are practically out of control. Secessionists, highway robbers, militias formed by regime barrons are all in control, at the expense of the population who are living in unbearable conditionss,” Joshua Osih said in the statement.
The SDF got first hand experience of a separatist camp after the party’s Chairman was briefly held by the fighters in Kumbo on Saturday.

This experirence reinforced the Chairman’s conviction that only a national inclusive dialogue can move the nation forward from the current impasse, the SDF said.
Ni John Fru Ndi has since returned to his Ntarikon residence in Bamenda and the party inisists no ransom was paid for his release.


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