Monday, June 17, 2019


Authorities have destroyed five eggs Trucks in Ngaoundere reportedly transported from the  Mifi Division, West region.
Until July 9, Henriette Mamekengou and Innocent Deffo did not believe that their eggs in the trucks will be destroyed. They got the confirmation when Yaya Moussa, the regional delegate of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA) of Adamawa, and other authorities of the city summoned them to the gendarmerie company in Ngaoundere to witness the disinfecting of the eggs trucks parked there.

After the Disinfection, the trucks were taken to a landfill located 15 kilometers from the city center, where they were destroyed. Loeil du Sahel reports that, the eggs were poured into pits and sprinkled with some products including lime, before being covered by the earth. In total more than 2000 cartons of eggs were buried.

Arriving in Ngaoundere, June 4, one of the trucks which was carrying 530 cartons of eggs. “20 boxes was unloaded and stored in the store,” says Henriette Mamekengou. “The other 510 were seized in the truck that was parked outside the shop,” she continues. The other truck which belongs to Innocent Deffo was carrying cardboard boxes and some 220 cartons in one of them.


“They were seized at the entrance of Ngaoundere,” he says, angrily. According to the two merchants, each carton contained 12 egg cells. If they could sell all their goods, both would have pocketed a total of 17.52 million CFA francs at a rate of 24,000 CFA francs per carton.Or 12.24 million CFA francs for Henriette Mamekengou and 5.28 million FCFA for Innocent Deffo respectively”

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