Monday, July 22, 2019

Bamenda – Defence Forces Champion Cleaning Exercise

They spent the 2019 feast of the Ramadan clearing garbage at Che Street in Ntarikon, a locality in the town of Bamenda, North West Region.

Many a Bamenda inhabitant have embraced efforts by the military to clean up the city’s most littered areas. In line with its civic action and sanitation activity, the defence forces cleared garbage from gutters, junctions, and the surrounding neighbourhood of Che Street in Ntarikon, Bamenda, during the 2019 feast of the Ramadan.

The recent action was just one in a series of efforts to keep Bamenda clean and secure. Ahead of the 2019 National Day, elements of the 5th Joint Military Region were spotted in some streets, clearing garbage at junctions and streets that have been threatening the health of inhabitants.

The civic actions of the men in uniform undoubtedly paints a completely new and positive picture of the corps once thought to be associated only with weapons of defence than also of sanitation and public health. With the social and political crisis in the region, much of Bamenda’s waste is dumped at random. Even where there are garbage cans, regular collection for disposal by the Hygiene and Sanitation Company is facing a challenge, thereby leaving inhabitants to barely survive with an uneasy sight.

It is this situation that prompted the defence forces to engage civic actions involving gathering and properly disposing the waste. Brigadier General Agha Robinson, Commander of the 5thJoint Military Region, told CT that, away from sport activities that kept the different sectors of defence and security forces together and fit for service, they are equally concerned with the hygiene and sanitation problems haunting the city of Bamenda, especially during the on-going socio-political and security crisis that is not helping matters.

The present action adds to memories of the recent sanitation campaign by the police. The police went on duty with flyers bearing practical tips for the proper use of social networks. The security literature advices the population against publishing content that would hurt if you were the victim

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