Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Cameroon: After the Sonara Fire Incident – Life Returning to Normalcy

This was after South West Governor visited the sinister last Monday June 03 and the refinery’s GM held a meeting with staff.
Work has effectively resumed Tuesday 4 June, 2019 at the National Oil Refining Company (SONARA). This is after fire broke out at 9.55pm, last 31 May, 2019, in its production unit. The flames have been completely put out. SONARA’s General Manager, Jean Paul Simo Njonou, held a mid-day meeting with the entire staff of the company, Tuesday June 4. Work resumed immediately after the meeting.
The GM assured his 750 staff that government had assured their continued flow of salary without cuts, no lay off, and that the company must continue its public service mission of supplying good quality fuel to the Cameroonian market. This also comes after South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai visited SONARA on Monday June 3, where he preached calmness and cool headedness to workers and the neighbouring population.

The Governor also ordered a local commission already put in place to work diligently under Fako’s Senior Divisional Of ficer, Engama Ledoux, to evaluate civil protection procedures. This aspect has to do with such spill-over consequences that could cross to affect the neighbouring population. To protect the population, Governor Okalia Bilai instructed health officials to check if there were any complaints or consultations in hospitals about ailments related to the SONARA fire incident. The experts of environment and nature protection were equally at work as they accompanied the Governor to SONARA. A major piece of information dished out to the surrounding population is that there are no pipes laid underground in Limbe by SONARA.

This is to dispel the fears that fire could erupt from such pipes and engulf the neighbourhoods. The experts of health have, on their part, advised against exposure to rain water especially for children who can develop itches. The good luck about the emission of smoke from SONARA fire was that much of the smoke was blowing into the sea.
As such, a good part of the population would not inhale the toxic Sulphur and carbon dioxide. As for the effects of the tremor that shook the environment beyond the precinct of SONARA, some persons complained of cracked walls and windowpanes. Such impact was noticed in surrounding villages like Mokundange, Bobende, Kie, Batoke, Sokolo and other places. ?

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