Friday, August 23, 2019

Cameroon bishops condemn Paul Biya’s handling of Anglophone crisis

Bishops in Cameroon have condemned the handling of the crisis in the North West and South West regions by the Head of State accusing him of giving a deaf ear to calls for dialogue.

Opening the 44 plenary session of the Cameroon Episcopal National Conference, the outgoing President, Mgr. Samuel Kleda criticised Paul Biya’s management of the crisis.

Hee said all attempts by the bishops to meet with the Head of State and offer their services for mediation have remained futile as the doors of Etoudi have remaine closed.

“On sseveral occasions, we have offered our services to both parties for dialogue to take place. We formed a team of bishops to that effect but we were never listened to. We requested to be received by authorities of this country, but we have never been received by the highest authority of this country. All attempts for dialogue were simply rejectted,” Samuel Kleda said.

The Catholic Church has continued to offer its services for mdiation since the crisis broke out in the North West and South West regions but all attempts have been futile.

Even attempts by the Archbishop Emeritus of Douala Cardinal Christian Tumi to hold the All Anglophone Conference have remained futile.


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