Saturday, August 24, 2019

Cameroon: Buea Council grounds taxis in attempt to frustrate ghost towns

The fight by the Buea council to stop ghost town operations in the municipality has taken another twist with about 100 taxis seized by the council on Sunday night, sources have said.

Sources say this move by the council is an attempt to force them to shy away from the regular Monday ghost towns and get to work.

Thus on Monday mornig, taxi drivers flooded the council premises to get their taxis but they were told to sign an undertaking to work every Mondays and shun ghost town operations.

After several discussions and negotiations between the taxi drivers and the Mayor Patrick Ekema this morning, some of the taxis have been returned to their owners with instructions to ply the streets so as to facilitate the transportation of passengers.

The Buea Council confirmed the meeting with the drivers this morning and said it is rather a move in partnership with Buea Taxi Drivers’ Syndicates to put an end to lead the way to “Operation No Ghost Town”.

“Taxis now ply the streets and some business places open,” the Buea Council said.

During the meeting, the drivers raised security concerns as their main reasons for respecting ghost towns but the Mayor Patrick Ekema Esunge assured them of security by offering them the parking space of the council which he said is well secured.

Sources say a few taxis were already plying the streets of Buea immediately after the meeting but activities still remain timid in the municipality.

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