Thursday, May 23, 2019

Cameroon: Case against Barrister Ndoki, others dropped

The government of Cameroon has dropped the legal proceedings in the case pitting Barrister Michelle Ndoki of the MRC party and 50 others.

Michelle Ndoki and some other activist appeared today at the Court of First Instance Bonanjo. Their case was taken to court after they were arrested for taking part in a peaceful protest against electoral hold up, organised by Cameroon Rennaisance Movement, MRC.

According to sources of the ground, the case has  been discontinued by the Bonanjo Court of 1st instance. The legal department through the attorney General entered nolle prosequi as instructed by Minister of Justice.

Dozens CRM supporters were present to support THE Lawyer who is known for her prowess during post electoral litigation at the constitutional council.

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