Friday, May 24, 2019

Cameroon :Gov’t hits back at EU Parliament resolutions on Anglophone crisis

The Minister of Communication Rene Emmanuel Sadi has hit back at the European Union Parliament resolutions on the socio political situation in Cameroon.

During a press conference in Yaounde on Monday, Rene Emmanuel Sadi described the resolutions as biased, unfounded and sponsored by forces with a hidden agenda.

He insisted that Cameroon is an independent country and will not allow external countries to interfere in its internal affairs as he insisted Cameroon remains a one and indivisible country.

On the Anglophone crisis, he reiterated government’s stance that the military has been professional in executing its duties in the Anglophone regions contrary to claims by the EU of human rights violations by Cameroon soldiers on civilians in the troubled regions.

Rene Emmanuel Sadi said the situation is under control and calm is gradually return as the people continue to have faith in the military than the separatists who the government says have been terrorising them.

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