Monday, June 17, 2019

Cameroon: Informal Session of UN Security Council – China, Russia Reaffirm Support for Cameroon

Both Ambassadors received in two separate audiences on May 15 by the Minister of External Relations categorically highlighted the non-interference in the internal affairs of Cameroon by external powers.

The Minister of External Relations, Lejeune Mbella Mbella on May 15, 2019 received the Chinese and Russian Ambassadors in two separate audiences on the heels of the informal session of the UN Security Council which took place on May 13 in New York. Both Ambassadors Wang Yingwu of China and Gennadievitch Bashkine of Russia in their statements to the press emphatically stated their respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Cameroon while stressing on the non-interference in the internal affairs of Cameroon by external parties. Wang Yingwu said he discussed several topics of bilateral and multilateral stakes with the Minister of External Relations.

As concerns multilateral affairs, the Chinese diplomat noted that attention was on the informal session of the UN Security Council called ArriaFormula. He said China thinks the humanitarian situation of Cameroon was not inscribed on the agenda of discussions, and was therefore a non-formal meeting to discuss and exchange views on several issues. Ambassador Wang Yingwu said China thinks what is happening in the two Anglophone regions has not affected or destabilized regional peace.

“The situation is an internal problem of Cameroon and we think Cameroonian authorities and their citizens are capable of managing the situation and seeking solutions to peace, security and economic development of their country. And the international community needs to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity of Cameroon,” he stated.

Going by the Chinese ambassador, external parties are not supposed to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign State and they need to appreciate the efforts of Cameroon in promoting regional peace and security. “Cameroon has made enormous contribution in the fight against terrorism and hosts refugees from neighbouring countries. It is necessary for friends of Cameroon to support the government in the efforts made for peace, stability and development as well as civil protection,” he said. He reaffirmed China’s respect for the sovereignty of Cameroon.

On his part, Russian Ambassador to Cameroon, Gennadievitch Bashkine said he held talks with Minister Mbella Mbella on several topics such as the preparation of the Russia-Africa summit, cooperation ties between both countries and the informal session of the UN Security Council. He emphasised on Russia’s respect of the territorial integrity of Cameroon. “Russia’s position is very clear. We think the situation in Cameroon can be managed by the President and Cameroonian authorities,” he noted.

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