Friday, August 23, 2019

Cameroon : Kamto’s party offers to work with SDF after NEC resolutions

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement has offered to work with the Social Democratic Front, SDF for the goof of the country and its citizens.

Fresh from a two-day meeting of its National Executive Committee at the weekend in Yaounde, the SDF adopted a set of resolutions put the Biya government to task in the resolution of the conflict in the Nort West and South West regions of Cameroon.

Key amongst such resolutions is the setting up of a transitional government to solve the crisis while equally urging the internatonal community to pile pressure on the Biya government.

Resolutions welcomed by the Acting President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Tiriane Balbine who said it is important to unite forces for a common fight.

« We are not fighting(against the regime) for a set of individuals or group, we are fighting for the people, for their liberation, » Tiriane Balbine said.

« It is imperative for the people to be conscious and unite for a (common) destiny. That is why the CRM through my voice fully supports the resolutions of the SDF’s NEC held on June 8-9 2019 and we are ready to work together to attain these objectives for the good of Cameroon and the citizens in particular.

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