Monday, July 15, 2019

Cameroon: Kidnapped UB athletes confessed being tortured while in captivity

Some of the members of the Unversity of Buea football squad who were abducted and later released yesterday evening has confessed being tortured while in captivity.
The 20 students were released on Thursday evening under unclear circumstances and received in Molyko by family members.

Most had wound and scars on their back from the torture they underwent during the 24 hours spent in captivity. One of the students (identity witheld) said he was beaten on the back with a cutlass by his abductors whom he said were “well armed”.

“They accused us of betraying the struggle and warned us to stop training for the University else they will come back for us. It was a very traumatising experience” the student said.

Before their release, a video had gone viral online showing the students singing the “Ambazonia anthem” visibly under duress from their abductors.
The kidnapped UB athletes equally had to pledge their allegiance to the “Ambazonia flag” in the video hours before they were released.
The students will be submitted to medical tests today while the injured will undergo intensive treatment, cources at the University of Buea said


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