Friday, September 20, 2019

Cameroon: New case opens against Mancho Bibixy, Ambazonia detainees

A group of Anglophone detainees will appear at the Magistrate’s Court in Ekounou Yaounde, today to answer fresh charges brought before them.

Amongst th accused is Mancho Bibixy, Ngalim Felix and Tsi Conrad who will appear in court to answer charges related to the July 22 prison upheavals in Kondengui.

Also amongst those expected to appear in court in relation to the Kondengui protests are some detained supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement.

They are all accused of vandalising prison structures, attempting to escape from jail as well as injuring fellow inmates, including former regime barrons like former Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni.

Mancho Bibixy who was slammed a 15-year jail term in May 2018, was extracted from Kondengui alongside several Anglophone detainees and other detained supporters of the CRM party to various detention centres in Yaounde where they were all questioned for their involvement in the Kondengui riots.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement has since accused the security forces of brutalising the inmates and inflicticting severe injuries on them like the party’s first vice President who is said to sustained a fractured hand.



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