Sunday, July 21, 2019

Cameroon: Schools Adopt Measures for Optimum Results

They are geared towards completing the curriculum in time and achieving excellent results.

The third term is the shortest and the most decisive of the three terms of an academic year in that there will be promotion and official examinations at the end of the term. For this reasons, many school authorities have put in place special measures not only to complete syllabuses but also to ensure excellent results in both promotional and official examinations at the end of the academic year.

At the ‘College Pilote Bilingue de Kotto’ in Douala where classes were effective on the first day of school resumption yesterday, the Promoter, Youmbi Herve Serge said their objective is to perform better in the baccalaureate examinations this year than last year when they obtained 41 per cent. In order to waste no time, effective classes began in the school on the first day of resumption on Monday, April 15 so as to avoid last minute rushes to complete the syllabus on time.

That notwithstanding, there will be revision classes for students in examinations classes to increase their chances of success in the ‘Probatoire’ and Baccalaureate exams. At the El Shaddai Anglo-Saxon Nursery and Primary school in MakepeDouala, the founder and managing director, Momnougi Florence nee Akeva, efforts were made during the break not only to acquaint teachers with the new curriculum but also establish a calendar of teaching lessons till the end of the term. “We are on schedule’, she said but there is the possibility of organising catch up classes for students in examination classes. She however complained about the unavailability of text books which renders teaching difficult.

Besides revision and catch-up classes, the school authorities say they will be keeping a keen eye on discipline to enable the children prepare well. “We have always recorded 100 per cent in the FSLC examinations and we aim to maintain the performance, she said. A visit round some of the academic institutions in the economic capital revealed effective resumption of classes with lessons going on normally.

Attendance was also impressive as College Pilote recorded more than 80 per cent and El Shaddai recording about 99 per cent attendance rate. Commercial activities have also resumed around school campus with people selling food items and school utensils while commercial motorbike riders are equally doing good business transporting pupils and students.

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