Thursday, June 20, 2019

Cameroon: vionlence, gunshots, ghost towns engulf parts of Anglophone towns

Calls from separatist activists for residents in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon to observe ghost towns today have been met with violent incidents early across the two regions.

In Muyuka sub division, in the South West region of Cameroon, reports say there is a massive back up of troops followng violent clashes early this morning between security forces and separatist fighters.

Sources say there was heavy fighting around the Makanga and Stone quarters neighbourhood right up to Muyenge forcing residents to flee into the bushes for their safety.

“There is a heavy military presence in the town and the streets are empty,” a source in Muyuka says.

Down in Muea, Buea sub division, the atmosphere is relatively calm but streets are deserted but sources say armed men have chased away farmers from their farms forcing them to respect the ghost towns that have been called for.

Up in Buea, the town is relatively calm with activisties timidly going on as residents try to beat fear, a source in the city says.

However, ghost towns have swept across Mile 14, Mutengene and Tiko as residents are all indoors, sources have confirmed.

“Just a few bikes are plying the streets but there is no taxi on the streets and businesses remain closed,” a source in Mutengene said.

In the North West, ghost towns have been effective in some parts of the regions with residents staying home as most fear of repraisals from armed men.

Sources say activities are timid in Bambili which has witnessed a series of sporadic clashes in the past days with students braving the odds to go to school.

In Bafut, the situation remains tense following exchange of fire on Monday between security forces and armed men while an aged man has been kidnapped.

Family members of the man was kidnapped at late last evening by three armed men who took him to an unknown destination but the kidnappers are yet to pose their demands.

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