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Decoding the relationship between love and sex

When dealing with the topic of relationships, one thing that must be kept in mind is that there is a very thin line that differentiates love and sex from each other; they are definitely not the same part of a coin.

Now that we will be discussing the relationship between love and sex, we must start by making clear the notions related to them.

Love is a feeling that is experienced by two people who are involved and known each other for a long time. The strong attachment is based on feelings of compassion, kindness, positivity and affection for one another; whereas when it comes to sex, it means indulging in physical intimacy to satiate one’s carnal desires and it can also be considered as a biological need.
In almost all romantic relationships, sex becomes an indispensable part that not only brings the two people closer to each other but also strengthens their bond over time; whereas in all sexual relationships, love is not necessarily present.

Examples of this sort of arrangement are casual sex dating and hook-ups where the people involved are not really looking for a long time love or commitment, but some quality time coupled with passionate sex.
The overwhelming reverence of love
Experiencing love is considered to be one of the best feelings in the world; it connects two souls together and binds them forever in such a way that they cannot stay apart from one another for long. When in love, a person almost loses his sense of judgement and is only filled with mushy thoughts about his beloved. Love requires a certain degree of commitment and sacrifice and a willingness to provide enough opportunities for your partner to outgrow themselves. While an integral part of this relation of love can be considered sex, it is not always of primary importance. Each day, we come across a lot of couples who stay apart from each other due to various circumstances and cannot enjoy their company according to their wills, yet are so much in love, and their amity so powerful.
The dominance of sex

Sex, on the other hand, is an act of passion that takes place between two people who feel a certain degree of attraction for each other which can range from love to infatuation or even momentary desirability. While in a romantic relationship, sex can be a by-product of it that gives the partners a better insight into each other’s mind and soul, while an act of sex when performed devoid of the feelings of love usually means that there are no emotional strings that connect the partners together. This sex is like a breath of fresh air in the stressful life of both the individuals and once it gets over, there is no emotional baggage carried forward from it. Apart from this scenario, a romantic relationship can also start off with two strangers or friends with benefits and later develop feelings of love that might last them for a lifetime.

After assessing these two facets, we can safely conclude that even though a healthy relationship exists between love and sex in romantic relationships, but otherwise they do not have to necessarily belong on the same page always.

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