Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Douala Institute of Technology classified Cameroon’s best

The Douala University Institute of Technology has been classified as Cameroon’s best Higher Institute in terms of Academic performance for the year 2018.

The verdict was pronounced yesterday in Yaounde during a University-Rectors seminar to restitute the 2018 results of the Academic year. During this event championed by Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo, the three overall best Higher Institutes received awards.

The Douala University Institute of Technology taking the first position for the second consecutive year with an average of 72/72 took home a Gold medal worth 150 million francs cfa given.
She is followed by the Dschang Faculty of letters and human sciences (Flsh) who scored 64/72 and went home with a silver medal worth 100 million francs cfa.

The National Advanced School of Engineering, Polytechique of the University of Maroua left from the 33rd position she occupied last year to position herself at the third place. As such, she received a bronze medal worth 50 million francs cfa.
The other Universities either dropped or moved a step ahead from the positions they held in 2017.


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