Monday, July 22, 2019

Fire at Sonara: Experts caution against consumption of rain water

The population of Limbe, South West of Cameroon have been advised to avoid any contact with rain water following the fire incident at the National Oil Refinery, Sonara.

Environment experts say the residues from the burnt petroleum products transformed to sulphuric and carbonic acids, when swept away by rain can be harmful to humans.

According to environmentalists, the crude oil burning, contains Hydrogen Sulphide, benzene, phenols, Nitrates, sulphates and carbonates.

The heat from the fire generates Sulphur dioxide.

Rain water from the skies dissolve it into carbonic and sulphuric acids.

Health experts also advise against collecting water from streams immediately after rain fall.

In the meantime experts from the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and sustainable development, Public health and Mines and Technological Development continue to research on the environmental impact of the fire incident.

Prisilia Lum

Source : CRTV

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