Monday, June 17, 2019

Government disclaims allegations soldiers allegedly killed 4-month old baby in Muyuka

The Minister of communication Rene Emmanuel Sadi has refuted allegations the Cameroonian army is behind the killing of a four-month old baby Monday in Muyuka, saying the barbaric act was committed by armed separatist and not security forces.

Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi made this known in a communique released this Wednesday May 22.
He qualified the video surrounding the act, released on social media Monday as a “macabre scene” that could supposedly on no account be perpetrated by the Cameroonian army, given the alleged fact that no reason could justify such an irresponsible, and inhumane act on the part of the army.

To him, the video is a well-staged drama aimed at manipulating public opinion and to once again throw blame on the Cameroonian defence and security forces

As such, Emmanuel Sadi strongly condemned what he considers as “false allegations”, indicating the act was perpetrated by “individuals from criminal armed gang who have been taken aback by the ongoing dynamics of appeasement and the efforts to bring the situation under control in the North West and South West regions by making pernicious attempts to maintain a climate of terror and desolation amongst the population…”

According to the government’s analysis, “a group of individuals armed with…took over the home of a former secessionist rebel who had repented…This head of the family alerted on the eminent….hastily left his home with his wife and two of their children and could not take with him their 4-month old daughter…The assailants…murdered her in cold blood.”


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