How To Make Body Wash With Rice Water For A Glowing Skin

How you can make a body wash with rice water for a glowing skin.

What is Rice water? Rice water is the liquid obtained from rice which has been soaked in the water for hours in other to obtain the water which is milky in colour and has great benefits for the skin and hair.

Items needed :
A bar soap of your choice, 1tbsp Vitamin E oil, 1tbsp Glycerin, 1/2 cup of Rice, 2 cups of Water, a grater

1. Soak rice in the water for 24 hours
2. Strain the rice water in a bowl
3. Grate your soap, pour the rice water in the grated soap and stir together to get the thickness of your choice.

4. Add your vitamin E oil and glycerin, stir together, cover and leave for 24hrs.

5. After 24hrs the soap would have melted, now you can pour it in your container.

6. Your soap is ready to be used. If it’s too thick, make it lighter by adding some water to achieve a liquid soap. It’s very effective for making your skin glow always


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