Sunday, June 16, 2019

Pastor with 33 girlfriends exposed gathered that a married Zimbabwean pastor is currently involved in a scandal with about 33 women and might be facing legal actions.

According to reports from H-Metro, Pastor Nyasha Light Nyatsungo, might be in trouble with the law, after nude photos of him with one of his girlfriends were circulated on social media by a scorned woman.

Nyatsungo who is said to be married with two children, was said to have sent the photos of him and one Shingi Mavenge, to another girlfriend simply known as Beulah, who went on to share them online.

Following the leak of her pictures, an angry Mavenge decided to exact revenge by sharing a conversation she had with Nyatsungo’s wife and some of his other lovers, on social media.

While sharing the chats, Mavenge also revealed that the pastor also had about 33 girlfriends, and had ignored his wife of 8 years who had since been given up hope of mending their marriage despite going to their local pastor to report her husband’s philandering ways.

Nyatsungo however denied sending Mavenge’s photo to anyone. He said: “I know her and we once flirted on Facebook. We never had a relationship as she is alleging. I don’t know why she is bitter.

I haven’t seen the nude pictures she is talking about but I heard about it from Beulah. We live in a democratic country. She can go ahead and sue me if she feels her rights have been infringed upon. All the allegations she is making are false and I don’t know her motive in trying to tarnish my image.”

An angry Mavenge claimed Nyatsungo never mentioned that he was married when they met. She said: “This Nyasha guy must be stopped in his tracks. He is going to pay for all the damage that he has done to me. He was the only one who had that leaked picture and I am shocked why he would forward it to some other girl.

I started dating this guy in 2015 and never knew he was married. He lied. That guy is full of lies and at some point we opened a group chat with his wife and some of his girlfriends. He normally targets single mothers.”

Mavenge also narrated how she met Nyatsungo and had to fly from Cape Town to Johannesburg, to meet him in April while he was visiting South Africa: “That night he didn’t even have money.

I had to pay the R800 for the accommodation as he had no money. He wanted to have sex with me but I flatly refused. He even wanted it without protection and I said No. he looked terrible with clothes in a plastic shopping bag.

I want to write a letter to Pastor Rex who is the head of (the church) in Harare so that this guy be stopped with his tricks and lies.” Another of his girlfriends identified as Mutsa, confirmed their relationship, however claiming she broke it off after realising he was a married man.

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