Saturday, August 24, 2019

Paul Biya extended his stay in Cameroon since September 15, 2018

269 ​​days that Paul Biya did not leave Cameroon! The President of the Republic, since his return from a “private stay” in Geneva (Switzerland) on September 15, 2018, has not gone abroad. Neither for personal reasons, let alone for a work trip.An unusual fact for the Head of State, often singled out for his recurring private stays in Europe.

Paul Biya had to make a trip to the old continent in early April 2019. But this trip did not finally take place. A few days before, a confidential document, containing in particular the flight plan and the elements of the close guard of the Head of State, had leaked on the social networks.

The President of the Republic had already, in November 2018, declined an invitation from the French President, Emmanuel Macron, for the Peace Summit held in Paris. Cameroonian activists in the diaspora, opposed to the Yaounde regime, promised “hell” to the tenant of the Palace of Etoudi. Now reunited under the banner of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade, these activists are demonstrating, since the re-election of Paul Biya in October 2018, by noisy protests against the Cameroonian government and its members.

They promise to express their dissatisfaction to the President of the Republic during his next trip to the West.Is this the reason why the number 1 Cameroonian suddenly became homebody? Hard to say. One thing is certain: Paul Biya has not left his country for 9 months. His days are spent at the Unity Palace or in his home village in Mvomeka’a in the Southern Region.


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