Philippines authorities arrest 2 Cameroonians in Possession of fake US Dollars

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents arrested two African nationals in Makati City following a scam involving counterfeit US dollars.

IBN Director Dante Gierran said on Thursday that Cameroonian citizens Leon Chambers and Victor Benjamin Miendje have tricked foreigners into the country by making them believe they have legitimate US dollars.

Gierran said Chambers and Miendje told their victims that they used the currency dye to prevent detection by the authorities.

The suspects incited their victims to spit money, claiming they would buy chemicals to wash the dye, and that victims would receive their share of the money, said the head of the NBI.

However, Gierran said a trapping operation on Monday, January 22, revealed that Chambers and Miendje were simply carrying counterfeit notes, and that victims’ money was not meant to buy the so-called chemicals.

The scheme, dubbed “Black Dollar Scam”, was discovered after Jordanian national Thamer Alradaideh filed a complaint with the NBI on December 27, said the head of the NBI.

Alradaideh told the NBI that he had already given the suspects a total of 1.2 million pesos, thinking he would get a share of the notes, according to Gierran.

Chambers and Miendje have been charged with illegal possession and the use of fake treasures or bank notes in front of the Ministry of Justice, said the head of the NBI.

The co-conspirators of the suspects, identified as Martin Ndang, Ngwa Dako Brown, Mary Joseph and alias Clinto, were also included in the criminal complaint.

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